Aleph Design Studio | Launching Wholeness by Lital Website
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Launching Wholeness by Lital Website

Launching Wholeness by Lital Website

Aleph Design Studio is very pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website project:

The objective of building was to create an online presence to inform, promote and market all services Lital Bernstein—CEO and founder—offers. Wholeness by Lital provides a combination of various wellness programs such as Shiatsu sessions, nutritional consultation, workshop, Pilates classes, etc. The site also offers information for new Moms (postpartum) and Essential Oils.

Each page was carefully and intentionally designed to be different from one another. Yet, they harmoniously reflect the brand and all different aspects of services offered, which brings about a sense of “wholeness”, strength, and wellbeing.

See Wholeness by Lital brand building.

Esther Plecy built the new site on WordPress and custom-modified it to adapt the design and functionalities approved in the early phases. The site is responsive (viewable from any device).