Aleph Design Studio | Launching Carolyn Ezrin Website
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Launching Carolyn Ezrin Website

Launching Carolyn Ezrin Website

Aleph Design Studio is excited to announce the launch of Carolyn Ezrin website design and development:

Carolyn Ezrin is a psychotherapist based in Manhattan. Her services primarily focus working with young adults.

The goal with Carolyn Ezrin, LMHC’s site design and development was to establish an online presence offering her existing and potential clients a platform to learn about Carolyn’s practice and specialization. Additionally, it was important to create a design that allowed the visitor to feel recognized and engaged, which was created by generating a sense of integrity, trustworthiness, security and, at the same time, well-being and comfort.

The design stemmed directly from Carolyn Ezrin’s personality and style combined with her private practice’s environment.

A different type of blog: “Expressions”

Carolyn was looking to steer away from the mainstream type of blogs that exist on the web. She wanted to tell a story and delivering it with character. The design of the blog page had to be more visual and expressive, and, the usual menu name “blog” had to go. After a few brainstorming sessions with Carolyn playing with words, 2 came out of the lot, then retained to start the concept: Expressions and Letters. “Expressions” became the menu title; “Letters” the source of the concept.

Imagery plays a tremendous role in the overall page layout visual. All (stunning) images have been provided and shot by Carolyn herself during trips to different parts of the world.

Lastly, the page purposely incorporates publication references which prevent the addition of an extra tab in the menu.