Aleph Design Studio | Keeping our clients happy!
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Keeping our clients happy!

Keeping our clients happy!

What our clients are saying…

Working with Esther Plecy of Aleph Design Studio was the obvious choice when I decided to give my website a complete overhaul. As I am in a visually creative field myself (as Principal of my own interior design firm), I wanted to work with someone that would be equally strong in their own right, but also deferential and collaborative. I wanted strong guidance but the utmost sensitivity to my designs and a desire to show my portfolio in its very best light. Esther truly takes things personally, and that’s the utmost compliment I can give someone. That is, she worked on my site with a professionalism and care that one rarely finds when seeking an outside consultant. She put great skill and careful consideration into every aspect of the site’s design, its mechanics, end-user experience and everything in between. Through it all, she took the time to explain and guide me through not just her choices but my reaction. Hers is not a ‘just trust me’ approach. Rather, like a very caring and skilled doctor, she engaged me to the appropriate level throughout the process. The end result speaks for itself and I couldn’t be happier with my new website.  ~Andrew Suvalsky


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