Aleph Design Studio | About
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Esther Plecy founded Aleph Design Studio to house her love for great design aesthetic. Moreover, Esther has the gift to understanding any businesses’ ethos and translating it into designs that work—visually and practically—by capturing the companies’ essence and flowing it seamlessly from her work into theirs.



One person shop: Esther works on all of her projects from creation to completion. She designs, develops, strategizes, and maintains a multitude of online media and marketing materials. She does not support a staff or an office like an agency, however, she still provides the quality of work, performance, support, and technology at an equal level.

Responsible for everything: You do not need to talk to several people and explain things over and over. Esther is the one person responding to all correspondence when changes, updates are needed and will do the work until satisfaction (within reasons). There is no “telephone game” where details get lost in translation!

More engagement: Esther is passionate about her work, and her clients’ success is essential. With 20 years+ of design and production experience, she provides and executes high-quality products, leaving no stone unturned.

There is no other side of the coin: with no admin overhead, Esther services’ pricing will always be competitive in comparison to an agency.